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CMG Annual Holiday Party Potluck - Plummer Park
Sunday, December 08, 2019
05:30pm - 08:00pm

CMG-LA Presents........

Annual Holiday Party Potluck - Plummer Park, Great Hall

Please join us for the California Men’s Gatherings-LA Annual Holiday Party Potluck! Each holiday season, the CMG shows its appreciation and love to all its members by hosting a fabulous and fun holiday event!! Our CMG Holiday Party is open to everyone! There is no fee to attend. This is a nice party to bring someone new to CMG. We are also collecting for a charity giving back is what it is all about at this time more than most. Will you eat yourself silly, more than likely so.

WHAT TO BRING: CMG-LA will be providing roasted chicken, dessert and drinks. What should you bring?

We ask that each participant bring either a MAIN DISH or a SIDE DISH [hot or cold] to the party or a dessert if you must.

Gifts for the LA LGBT Youth Center: The Jeff Griffith Youth Center, which CMG-LA has donated to in the past, has a wonderful facility on Highland with 90 beds. There are lots of kids on the streets of Hollywood/West Hollywood, and many of them are gay and lesbian. At YCoH, they serve 3 meals a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, pretty good meals too. Of course all of this comes with a pricetag and that is covered by the LA Gay and Lesbian Center and their donors. According to Inez, one of the youth advocates there, here are some things that the KIDS could really use and would really appreciate:

Underwear [all sizes, buy your size or perhaps a size smaller-kids come in all sizes],

Socks, Shoes with at least some wear left in them,

T-shirts and sweatshirts

Jackets [it is cold right now or soon will be],

Blankets [ditto],

"Fun Stuff" [youthful music cd's, videos, games, books, really anything a mid to late-teen/early 20's kid would like] and

"Gay Stuff" [gay novels, gay videos/movies - meaning say the complete "Will and Grace" or "Another Gay Movie",  gay HISTORY/HERSTORY, gay.....well, stuff!].

Category: Fundraising and Volunteerism, Social Gatherings, Food
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