WestHollywood.com interviews Erasure's Andy Bell, Micky's nears opening and Iowa?


Andy Bell

Erasure's flamboyant Andy Bell talks about his upcoming White Party Gig and more
Ethan Mechare caught up with Erasure's Andy Bell before his DJ gig at White Party Palm Spring's Saturday pool party.  Andy talks about being out and HIV+,  Erasure's newly released CD / DVD Box Set totalpop!, and his nervousness about DJing at White Party.
Micky's - Opening Soon
Although they can't commit due to conditions beyond their control, Micky's is pretty confident that they'll be opening this Wednesday or Thursday.  Keep checking Mickys.com for more information.  Also, check out our recent video tour of the club.
Of all places, IOWA?
California, which has a reputation of being a liberal state doesn't live up to other state's reputations, like Iowa where the Supreme Court UNANIMOUSLY upheld gay marriage. 
Music under the Stars - Aretha Franklin
It's not too late to get season tickets to the Hollywood Bowl.  Aretha Franklin will be performing on June 26th and tickets will go fast.  It's a fantastic venue, and the perfect place for a casual and romantic evening.
The spring season has brought with it many new events and clubs.  Our fingers are tired from all the typing we've been doing on the calendar page today.   Check it out for the latest.
See you in Palm Springs and on the Boulevard!

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