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  3. February 18, 2015
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The Welcoming Committee (your LGBTQ nightlife/events/travel takeover group) is taking over LA's gay barz for one magical Thursday night. And you're invited. You're welcome.

As part of our fancy Expansion Tour ahead of our April launch in Los Angeles, we're hosting an unbelievably gay bar crawl.

Starting at 6pm on Thursday, February 26th, we'll be drinking our way around the city. We'll be the ones with the pineapple. And all of the fun. Food might happen. Selfies will be poppin'. So, come out and meet some new peeps or make merry with old friends. Everyone's welcome.

TWC or pineapple-themed clothing is encouraged. Pleated pants are discouraged. Unless pleated pants are a thing now. But not last time we checked.

Suggested hashtags: #TWContheMOVE #TWCfamily #PineapplePower #WhereAreMyPants #JustKiddingIFoundThem #NotPleated Want to know more about TWC?

Flirt with us here: http://thewelcomingcommittee.com/comingsoon

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